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CONGRATULATIONS to Rebecca Spence who recently achieved her 6th dan


Well Done! to Arran Graham, our first student to win the new Hayley Parkinson Award

On Tuesday the 27th August we lost a wonderful and much loved student, Hayley Parkinson

She had trained at the club for many years before she had a break to start a family.  In that time she achieved her 2nd dan black belt.  She was on the England squad and had won many trophies and medals at tournaments.  Hayley had even been selected to take part in the European championships in Sheffield.

Hayley had recently started back with us and had hopes of eventually taking her 3rd dan black belt.  Unfortunately she was taken from us before she had the chance.


As a tribute to Hayley the Student of the Year Award has now been changed to the

"Hayley Parkinson Student of the Year Award"


Hayley Louise Parkinson 

22 November 1994 - 27 August 2019

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Sunday Training Sessions

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A huge WELL DONE! to the following students, who have all achieved a massive goal, by passing their highly prestigious dan grading

Passing to 1st dan

Megan Page, Harsh Gourapur, Max Scholey and Bea Appleby 


Passing to 2nd dan

Rohan Benn,David Barker, Caleb Shaw and Mark Ling

Passing to 3rd dan

Shurudi Selvarajah


All nine students have been training up for this grading for many years.  Attending private lessons and training up to 4 sessions per week as well as their own personal training


Their instructors Ian and Rebecca Spence, who teach at The Skipton Academy, would like to say a huge well done to each of them. “They have worked really hard to achieve their goals, and deserve to be the grade they are”,

Also after many years of training and teaching, Sensei Rebecca Spence was awarded her 6th dan 



2017 marked a huge milestone for our club when we celebrated our 30 year anniversary.

 Sensei Ian Spence started the club in 1987 with just a few students. 

Since then the club has gone from strength to strength.

We would like to thank all of our students past and present for supporting the club over the years.

Here's to another 30 years!


Liverpool Open

Sunday 27 January

Arran Graham men's red to purple belt bronze

Leo Burton, Jack Chantrey and Rio Johnson boys 13 to 14 yrs open team bronze

AMA Northern Championships

Sunday 8 September

Arran Graham men's red to purple belt silver

Aimee Culverhouse girl's brown and black belts bronze

Hannah Watts girl's 16+ bronze

Annica Kelly Girls brown and black belts under 60kgs bronze

Callum Edwards Boy's brown and black belts bronze



Keep up the good work!


Good Concentration

Sophie Topper

Fraser Sneddon

Erin Cliffe

Isla Platt

Caleb Turpin

Harvey Mason

Harry McGoogan

Bea Appleby


Good Conduct

Callum Palmer

Grace Midgley

Jakub Bilski

Maya Wall

Violet Appleby



Ava Gath

Estlin Kirkham



Charlie Horne

Lulu – Nayab Alavi

Jaya Benn

Jacob Barker

Swarnim Agarwal


New Comer

Charvisri Ataka

Barnaby Windle

Zain Hussain





1st Zain Barket 90/96

2nd  Hayden Barrett 89/96

3rd Selena Mahmood 88/96



1st Leo Burton 93/96

2nd Burton Dave 92/96

3rd Eisa Barket 91/96



1st Elizah Rahman 44/48

2nd Finn Beggan 41/48

3rd Oran Farrell 40/48



1st Jacob Barker 44/48

2nd Erin Cliffe 43/48

3rd Jakub Bilski 42/48



1st  Harry Higgin 43/49

2nd Emilie Cauvin 42/49

3rd Oliver Johnston 41/49


Highest Mark on a Grading



1st Scarlett Garth 6K 44/60

2nd Euan Wood 4K 43/60

3rd Zain Barket 5K 43/60



1st Arran Graham 4K 87/100

2nd Damian Manville 7K 80/100

3rd Svetlana Racejeva 5K 72/100



1st Sophie Topper 8K 44/60

2nd Grace Midgley 9K 44/60

3rd Victoria Hood 7K 43/60



1st Erin Cliffe and Isla Platt 8K 48/60

2nd Caleb Turpin 5KT 41/60

3rd Jaya Benn 8KT 41/60



1st Oliver Johnston 8K 47/60

2nd Alfie Hughes 9K 44/60

3rd Ava Hughes 9K 43/60


Progress Award

Charlie Horne

Victoria Hood

Caleb Turpin

Alfie Hughes

Annica Kelly


Dan Grading Award

David Barker 1st Dan

Archie Appleby 1st Dan

Rohan Benn 1st Dan

Leo Burton 2nd Dan

Callum Edwards 2nd Dan

Thomas Broadbent 2nd Dan

Janet Thompson 2nd Dan

Hannah Watts 3rd Dan


League Champion

Leo Burton


Student of the Year

Arran Graham



Students from Skipton karate Centre and Skipton karate Kids took part in the following gradings

Saturday 11 December

Passing to red belt

(no tab sysyem)

Will Irvine

Edward Paul

Lucy Driver

Leo Dutton

Billy Collins

Emelia Kwarciak

Charlotte Paul

Alex Thornborrow

Dexter Garth

Passing to blue belt tab

Isla Platt

Sunday 06 November

Passing to Green belt tab

Maya Wall

Passing to brown belt 1st kyu tab

Tamsin Wheal

Adults (no tab system)

Passing to green belt

Lucy Townsend

Sunday 17 October

Passing to red belt 

(no tab system)

Evelyn McGoogan

Annie Booth

Billy Parker

Betsy Cordice

Sarah Lock

Amey Tripathi

Passing to yellow belt tab

Rupert Berry

Matilda Mason

Harry Garner

Tyler Gray

Oscar Lambert

Teighan Stewart

Caitlin Coupe

Passing to orange belt tab

Hugo Hodgeson

Lily Jackson

Passing to green belt tab

Theo Hughes

Fraser Sneddon

Harry McGoogan

Frank Teal

Toby Spencer

Barnaby Windle

Townsend Thomas


Passing to blue belt

Jacob Crofts


Passing to blue belt tab

Noah Brickell

Swarnim Agarwal

Lucian Manville

Harry De Braekeleer

Cliff Erin


Passing to purple belt tab

Caleb Greenwood

Oliver Johnston 

Passing to brown belt 3rd  kyu tab

Jaya Benn

Passing to brown belt  2nd kyu tab

Garth Scarlett

Brittain Tom

Knight Sophie


Passing to brown belt  1st kyu tab

Barrett Hayden

Hood Katherine 

Wood Euan

Halliwell Izzy

Adults no tab system

Passing to brown belt  2nd kyu

Paul Chantrey

Rachael Brittain


Passing to brown belt  1st kyu

Arran Graham

Svetlana Rakcejeva

A huge well done to Ken Vernon who jumped from orange to blue belt

And to Jaya Benn who jumped from blue to brown belt 3rd kyu


Sunday 21 August

Passing to red belt

(no tab system)

Charley Cowgill

Daniel Ward

Poppy Swales

Tyler Gray

Lucus Hardaker

Passing to orange belt tab

Jake Wood

Passing to blue belt tab

Harvey Mason

Grace Midgley

Alfie Hughes

Passing to purple belt tab

Estlin Kirkham

Rupert  Smale

Adults (no tab system)

Passing to purple belt

Damien Manvlle

  Sunday 24 July

Passing to red belt

(no tab system)

Liam Pighills

Passing to orange belt tab

Maxi Harper

Amber Harper

Adults (no tab system)

Passing to orange belt tab

Vernon Ken

Passing to purple belt tab

Appleby Violet 

Hood Victoria

Scholey Isadora

Sunday 11 July

Passing to red belt

(no tab system)

Spencer Ellie

Teddy Coupe

Ted McGregor

Seth Crossley

Albert Midgley

Maisie Young

Seth Arnold

Mitchell Heyworth

Arthur Rhodes

Emilio Roberts

James Robson

Rishaan Sachdev

Leo Thompson

Freya MacDonald

Harry Hardakker

Caitlin Coupe