Skipton Karate Centre


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Skipton Academy, Gargrave road, Skipton 

10.00am - 12.00pm

£12.00 for a two - hour course

Who’s it for:

Junior cadets (12 years and under) blue belt and above

Senior cadets (13 years +) and adults, all grades

Who “should” be going:

Any student who is aiming to take their black belt in the next 12 months (do not leave it to the last minute) 

Students who are taking brown belts (remember you have competition fighting on your grading) 

Students who wish to:

Enter competitions

Are preparing for a grading

Would just like to improve their skills in Kata and Kumite

Wish to improve their fitness level

The aim:
To provide competition Kumite and Kata training for members. The courses are designed to be both enjoyable and informative. Whatever our level or age there will be something for you to achieve

Deadline for fees:
Please book your place ASAP, but at least 2 weeks before the date of the squad




 March 03rd

April 28th

June 23rd

July nothing 

August nothing 

October 20th

December 08th

 What you need to do now


Do NOT miss lessons.  You MUST be able to perform your syllabus to a high standard.  .  All students taking any grade from yellow to purple belt need AT LEAST 20 lessons since last grading.  Students taking any brown belt AT LEAST 40 lessons.  Those taking red belt, no minimum amount of lessons.

Extra lessons are available for all students: Tuesdays ,Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays  (age limits apply, please ask)


Red belts and above MUST have a reliable partner.  If you are having any problems with this please ask one of the instructors for help.  You need to practice with that partner, so don’t leave it to the last minute.


You need an up to date and completed licence (with a photo)


On the day of the grading you will need:


YOUR PARTNER, plenty of water, a few healthy snacks, mitts, gum shield (compulsory for all students taking brown belts), a clean ironed gi and your belt.



Cadets under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult.  Parents and other relatives may watch the grading, as long as it does not put the student off their exam

All are welcome, for the moment.  However as we are sure you will understand, due to Covid, things can change.  Small children and babies are NOT allowed


PLEASE NOTE: Photography and any kind of recording during the grading are not allowed.  Of course on completion, you may take as many photos as you wish of your own child.


Gradings take about 2 - 3 hours depending on the amount of students we have. (This includes breaks for the children) Please take that into account if you plan anything else on the same day.  It is extremely disappointing for a child to have to go early and miss getting their belt, certificate etc.

About two weeks before the grading date we will let you know the time you need to arrive.  Times are approximate. 


There is an unsupervised practice area, if you wish to take advantage of this you are welcome to come to the venue early.


On completion of the grading each successful student will be awarded their updated licence, a certificate, a new belt, and gift (if ordered)



December 15th dan grading