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For Men, Women and Children Age 5 Years +

Ian Spence 6th dan

Rebecca Spence 5th dan
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Ian or Rebecca Spence
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ALL students will have to stick to their allotted days and times. It is unlikely we can offer any flexibility with this


Lessons will be run as near to normal as safety will allow


Skipton Academy, we will have a one way system for students arriving and departing the hall. Arrivals will enter through the usual door and depart through the fire doors opposite. Non-members will not be allowed to enter the building, if you are delivering/collecting please wait outside using social distancing. Students should not arrive at the club more than 10 minutes before class starts


If training at the leisure centre, you will be required to wait outside the building until the dance studio has been cleared again using social distancing. Non-members will not be allowed into the studio. Students should not arrive at the club more than 10 minutes before class starts


Due to lack of space at the leisure centre, parents/guardians will be required to take their child’s coats away and bring them back at the end of the lesson.


All students will be temperature checked on arrival, those showing a high temperature will not be allowed to train

Hand sanitising stations will be available; ALL students will be required to clean their hands upon arrival. If deemed necessary, students will be required to sanitise their hands during the lesson, for this purpose students must also bring their own hand sanitiser


Regarding social distancing, this depends on the numbers of students interested. There will be about 14 students per class at the dance studio at the leisure centre and approximately 25 – 28 at the Skipton Academy.  No more than 10 at the dance studio, Skipton Academy.  There will be individual training spaces for each student as required

Students will be required to come to the club in their karate suit (NO CHANGING FACILITIES AVAILABLE)


Although toilets will be available, it will be wise and encouraged to have "gone" at home

Partner work. Whilst we understand this is an important part of karate, we must put safety first. Therefore there will be a temporary ban on close contact all partner work. However, we do have alternatives to pad-work, ippons and sparring


Face masks for the moment are OPTIONAL. 

Water breaks will still be allowed (social distancing implemented)


We will not be able to Kiai.... We know that shouting risks projecting droplets over a wider space.


For now, we are required to train in light weight trainers or sports shoes, no bare feet allowed

Karate suits and mitts must be clean (as must students!).  Please do NOT forget your mitts as we cannot provide any

We will be cleaning the training areas between classes


We will be opening windows and door where possible to allow ventilation


We know that there is quite a lot to take in with these changes.  If you have a child who is too young to understand about hygiene and social distancing, they will unfortunately not be allowed to train. We do have to be quite strict about this


Paying cash is still possible HOWEVER, please put the exact amount in an envelope



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